We GROW Businesses

(Under Construction — More to Follow)

Enterprise Value Development. 

Experienced entrepreneurial veterans utilize sophisticated analytical and planning software systems to assist our clients in adding substantial short- and long-term business value.  Depending on the needs and prerogatives of the particular client, we utilize the ValueBuilder™ System in various ways, with the ultimate goal being an effective and lucrative “exit strategy” for the business owner.  Read More… 


Business Buyer Representation & Consultation.

For a select few prospective buyers at a time, we act as agents and/or consultants in the complex process of acquiring million-dollar-plus businesses. See Buying A Business


Bizpertise™ Entrepreneurial Business Education and Resources. 

Business management and marketing tools, systems, and processes are offered from time-to-time by our Bizpertise™ division. Experts with practical and academic experience and credentials offer a range of seminars, workshops, and short courses on a wide spectrum of business topics, including our own Dr. Tim Cunha, formerly a professor teaching undergraduate and MBA students at Eastern New Mexico University, and currently a senior lecturer in a prestigious university MBA program in California.  Read More….