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Use our “sell-it-yourself” BizFSBOtm support services to sell your business.

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We at EvergreenGold® provide marketing and advertising services based on our experience and expertise in the business sales intermediary profession.  We prepare your business for a successful sale, assess its market value, “package” the business, place and manage the advertising, forward prospective buyer responses, and provide resources for you to present your business “for sale by owner.”


Successfully selling your business requires many critical steps that traditionally a business broker takes on behalf of you, the owner/seller. …

·         The business financials need to be professionally evaluated according to generally accepted principles.

·         The seller’s discretionary earnings (“SDE”) need to be established fully and objectively.

·         The value proposition must be presented in a manner that a prospective buyer will find plausible and reasonable.

·         The appropriate “listing” or “asking” price needs to be established based upon current market conditions, comparable sales of similar businesses (“comps”), expected buyer profile, anticipated financing needs, etc.

·         Key facts about the business have to be assembled and assessed regarding its products/services, facilities, employees, suppliers, customers, finances, operations/production procedures, marketing, sales, distribution, etc.

·         Relevant and material facts must be disclosed.

·         Assets, both tangible and intangible, must be itemized, categorized, and evaluated.

·         The potential of the business to be sustainable, scalable, and prosperous in the future needs to be quantified.


And, all this then needs to be presented in the most favorable light. …

Ad copy must be professionally written to attract interest without revealing the identity of the business, to maintain critical confidentiality.  (Confidentiality is essential to keep employees, suppliers, customers, and competitors from learning about the potential sale of the business, which could dramatically diminish the business value to a buyer.)  The business opportunity must be broadly advertised through media proven to be prime conduits for successful business sales. Then, after receiving an executed NDA (confidentiality agreement), a compelling “story” needs to be presented to the prospective buyer, in the form of a comprehensive professional Prospectus.


You CAN do all this by yourself. …

You can determine what data you need to assemble, what form it needs to be in, what changes you need to make to make your business more attractive, more “sellable.”

You can research the market value metrics for your type of business, analyze your business, determine a reasonable valuation.

You can prepare all the advertising material, manage the ads, substantiate your valuation.

You can field all the phone calls and emails.

You can try to maintain confidentiality until you have a signed NDA.

But, at what cost?

Your attention will be shifted from running your business to selling your business.

Sales will suffer, as will profits—your business will become less valuable.

You will lose precious time while you “learn on the job.”

You will waste money and energy and opportunity just to save a few dollars. …

While you are an expert at running your business, you are not an expert at selling it.  We are.


Of course, you can instead hire a full-service broker on a commission basis.  But, typically you will be paying at least 10%, and in many markets 12%, with a minimum commission of $12,000 to $20,000+.  If your business will sell for more than $200,000, that might be the right decision; but, for businesses with annual sales under $250,000-$300,000, or so, or with seller’s discretionary earnings (SDE) under $100-$125k, using our services for all the “back office” work just makes sense.


With this service, we do not act as your agent, we do not act as your broker; we provide marketing, advertising, and sales support.  We never directly interact with the buyer.  Rather, we gather all the contact information from prospective buyers, obtain the NDA, and turn the contact over to you.  You then contact the buyer, and, if you want to proceed, you provide them the Prospectus, introduce them to the business, and negotiate price and terms.  Then you come back to our site, use our forms to prepare a contract (which you should always have your attorney and CPA review), obtain the buyer’s signature, and engage a local escrow agent to handle the mechanics and myriad details of the Closing.


The choice is clear. …

~ Using a traditional business broker, you will commit to a 12-month exclusive listing agreement, pay 10% to 12% of the sale price, with a minimum payment of $12,000 to $20,000, and have no control over the advertising.


~ With our “sell-it-yourself” BizFSBOtm support services, you pay us only a fraction of that amount as a fixed, reasonable fee for the services you decide to use. 

And, you are in complete control of your advertising program.




YOU provide us with …

P&Ls, Tax Returns, & Balance Sheets for past years and current year
Completed Seller Questionnaire
Completed Seller Disclosures
List of Assets – Tangible (furniture, fixtures, and equipment/“FF&E”) & Intangible
Completed ValueBuilderTM Questionnaire
WE prepare or provide…
“Re-Cast” Financials for your review and approval
Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (“SDE”) Calculation
ValueBuilder SWOT Analysis Report
Comprehensive Valuation Analysis & Report—

with market assessment & sales comps where applicable

Recommended Listing Price/Range
Listing Advertising Copy
Detailed Prospectus – Profile, SDE, Recast P&Ls, FF&E list, Valuation Proposition, etc.
Contract Forms for you to complete (& have your attorney review) when you and the buyer have reached a deal.
Referrals to escrow agents to handle the closing.
WE Set-Up and Service …
Your 24/7 live answering service and confidential email responder.
Advertising included free in our service for six months on top-tier platforms worldwide:

We professionally place your ads on BizBuySell.com, BizQuest.com, BusinessesForSale.com, BUYaUSAbiz.com, BusinessSaleByOwner.com, DealStream.com, EvergreenGold.com, and (in California only) BizBen.com, at no additional expense to you.

(BizBuySell.com advertising also links to over 150 regional and national publication web sites, such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, LA Times, etc.)


WE Manage …
Placing advertising copy and setting up each listing on all the web sites.
Periodically refreshing and editing the ads.
Automatically & confidentially answering phone and email inquiries from buyers, 24/7/365.
Automatically & confidentially responding to inquiries from prospective buyers.
Obtaining consent to our standard NDA (Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement).
Forwarding to you all inquiries from buyers, with NDAs when provided.
WE Offer additional optional services …
~ On-going phone and email Professional Consultation regarding valuation, advertising, negotiation techniques, etc., on a fee-for-service basis, after Steps #1 – #3 are completed.
~ Strategic Marketing Campaigns by postal mail to existing businesses already in the same industry as your business for sale.  The best purchaser for your business is the strategic buyer who wants to expand their business through acquisition.
~ Referrals to escrow agents, business transaction lawyers, CPAs, due diligence advisors, financing resources, etc.




REGULAR FEE & SERVICE SCHEDULE   (Ask us about any Limited Time Special Discounts that may apply)


Step #1

Initial Assessment


Online access to:

Value Builder SWOT Analysis Input

Business Valuation Data Input

Seller Questionnaire

Seller Disclosure Form

Asset (FF&E) List Form

SDE “AddBack” Schedule

Plus a Portal to upload P&Ls and other financial documents




Step #2

Prepare and Deliver Materials



We prepare and send to you:

ValueBuilder SWOT Analysis  (25+ page report) ($999 Value)

Market Value Assessment       (27+ page report) ($999 Value)

“Re-Cast” Financials with SDE Calculation

Suggested Listing Price Range

Suggested Ad Copy    (Word format)

Compiled Prospectus  (Word format & PDF)

Plus … Contract Form Templates for you to use (Word format & PDF)




Step #3

Your Decisions


You review and approve (or edit) ad copy and prospectus.

You decide your asking price.




Step #4

Ad Placement



We professionally place your ads on BizBuySell.com, BizQuest.com, BusinessesForSale.com, BUYaUSAbiz.com, BusinessSaleByOwner.com, DealStream.com, EvergreenGold.com, and (in California only) BizBen.com, at no additional expense to you.







Step #5

Continuing Ad & Response Management

For SIX months


Periodically refresh ads as optimal for each site.

Edit ads at your request once per month.

Continue ads on our standard sites.

Confidentially answer phone inquiries from buyers 24/7.

Automatically respond to emails from buyers.

Automatically obtain NDA consents.

Automatically forward prospective buyer contacts to you.





  The Complete 5-Step Program (Save $1,500—see special offer) Just   $4,995.00

Optional Extra Step—

Professional Consultation


Professional consultation via phone and email, regarding sales strategy, valuation, advertising, negotiation techniques, etc., on a fee-for-service basis.



6-minute increments


Optional Extra Step—

Strategic Marketing Mailing Campaign


Minimum of 100 names per campaign. $200.00 for set-up plus $2.00/name, includes: Individually-addressed letter with business listing ad printed on reverse, in individually-addressed envelope, with first class postage, mailed to recipients.

Less than 10% “nixies” guaranteed.



SBA Financing Prequalification Analysis

At no additional cost, we give you our professional opinion about how much SBA financing the purchase of your business may qualify for.  Then you may want to use our optional fee-based service to approach lenders to “pre-qualify” your business for purchase financing.  Having purchase money financing in place may increase the chances of selling your business and may increase the price you will receive.




877.242.3388 (toll free—USA)



Definitions:            “We,” “Us,” and “Provider” refers to EvergreenGold® Advisor Tim Cunha.

“You” and “Customer” refer to the person and/or entity ordering and/or paying for the services and/or products.

When you contract to use our services and purchase our products,

(1) you represent that you are an experienced business owner/manager; and,

(2) you agree, on behalf of yourself and your business entity, to be bound by and subject to the following terms, conditions, and premises, and by our BizFSBO™ General Terms of Service as set forth on our web sites at www.EvergreenGold.com and www.EvergreenGold.net, as they now read and as they may from time-to-time be unilaterally and summarily changed by us.

We are a professional online business-for-sale-by-owner marketing and advertising service that is used by sellers to maximize their exposure to qualified buyers and reduce their overall cost of selling their business.  The fees paid for these marketing and advertising services are non-refundable.

We do not charge you a fee when you sell your business.  None of our fees are contingent upon sale.  You keep all the money when you sell your business successfully, and you pay us nothing as a result of the sale.

We do not provide brokering, legal, financial, accounting, investment, or tax services. Sellers should consult with appropriate professionals (e.g., attorney, CPA) for legal, financial, or tax advice.

We do not independently investigate, audit, or verify any information provided by business owners in their advertisements.

Any opinion of valuation is solely for the owner/seller of a business and is based on the data provided to us by the owner/seller and upon generally accepted metrics of business valuation.  We do not represent or warrantee or guarantee that the owner/seller will be able to sell a business for the value set forth in our opinion, nor that a bank or other lender or potential purchaser will agree with our market valuation.

With this service, we do not act as a business broker.  We do not represent nor act as the agent of the buyer or the seller.  We manage advertising services only; we do not individually represent business data to prospective buyers.  We do not negotiate with any prospective buyers.  With prospective buyers we provide only an answering and message forwarding service for the seller.

No Warranties. There is no guarantee or warranty or representation that these marketing and advertising services and products will be effective or will produce results, or that the business will be sold.  We make no warrantIes of any kind, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.  THE SERVICES AND PRODUCTS ARE RENDERED ON AN “AS IS” BASIS.  WE DISCLAIM ALL SUCH WARRANTIES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  WE DO NOT WARRANT OR PROMISE THAT THE SERVICES OR PRODUCTS WILL BE ERROR-FREE.


About the   ® name and logo ~ 

Evergreen denotes the value of a strong sustainable business — sturdy, solid, growing, thriving, and continuously producing profit … “ever green.” Gold represents the intrinsic value of a successful business and the return of investment to the owner over the long term. The globe logo represents the international scope of our sales and marketing exposure, and the rising graph and arrow indicate our commitment to ever-increasing service and value production for our clients.

EvergreenGold® is a team of experienced professionals, providing business sale consulting, enterprise development, entrepreneurial education, franchise purchase consulting, and franchise development services.

Tim Cunha, J.D. is a graduate of Rutgers University and Georgetown University Law Center, and has over 40 years of business management, business development, and business transition experience, as well as having been a university business professor and a practicing attorney.










Regular         Limited



Step #1



Initial Engagement


$999.00          $899.00


Step #2



Prepare & Deliver Materials



$999.00          $899.00


Step #3


Your Decisions: Review, Approve, Set Asking Price



$999.00          $899.00


Step #4



Professional Ad Placement



$999.00          $899.00


Step #5



6 months of Continuing Ad Placement & Response Management



$999.00          $899.00


Regular Price


When purchased “step-by-step”                                               TOTAL



$4,995.00       $4,495.00


Special Offer

Save 30%


            When Paid one time in Advance,      

              Save a total of $1,500.00 (a 30% discount)



ONLY    $3,495.00






If all you want is a comprehensive analysis of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) and a professional opinion of market value …..


ValueBuilder SWOT Analysis, 25+ page custom report $999.00
Business Market Valuation Assessment, 27+ page custom report $999.00
Bundle—Both at Same Time         regularly save 25% $1,499.00
Both at Same Time         Special Limited Time Offer      SAVE 75%

ONLY     $499.00




Purchase Order, Agreement, and Terms of Service

Business Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________


Fictitious Name (“dba”), if any: __________________________________________________________________________


Seller/Owner (Corporate Name, if any): __________________________________________________________________

¨ Sub-S Corp   |  ¨ LLC   |   ¨ C-Corp   |   ¨ Partnership   |   ¨ Sole Proprietor

Principal’s Name

(owner, officer, authorized representative): ______________________________________________________________ (“I”)


Business Address: _________________________________________________________________________



city                                                                                                                                  state            zip/postal code                country


Private Cell Phone #: ___________________________________________________________________________________


Private Email Address: __________________________________________________________________________________


I, the owner, officer, or authorized representative of this Business, hereby place this purchase order for the advertising and marketing services indicated below as described on the six pages above, according to all the terms and conditions within these total of seven pages (this page plus the six above), including the terms regarding “NO WARRANTIES” and “LIMITATION OF LIABILITY.”  I agree to pay for the services as delivered and billed by EvergreenGold® Advisor Tim Cunha (“Provider”).  Once I have paid for any “step” or service, the respective fee is non-refundable; however, while I am subscribing to the complete service offering of the Provider, I may cancel “steps” and services not yet produced under this Purchase Order at any time by providing written or email notice to Provider, prior to the respective fee being paid (or charged to my credit card).  Any service being billed monthly (if any) may be canceled by me upon 7 days advance notice to the Provider.  I understand and agree to all the terms and conditions set forth in the six pages above, including but not limited to (1) there is no guarantee or warranty that these marketing and advertising services will be effective or will produce results, (2) there is no guarantee or warranty that the business will be sold, (3) Provider is not acting as a broker, attorney, accountant, or tax advisor, (4) this Purchase Order and Agreement is governed by and subject to the laws and exclusive jurisdiction of the State of California, (5) any dispute hereunder must be settled by binding arbitration through the American Arbitration Association under the AAA’s standard rules and procedures, and (6) under no circumstances shall Provider’s liability hereunder for any cause or reason exceed the amount I have paid to Provider for services.


BizFSBO™ Service  (includes Business Valuation & ValueBuilder SWOT Analysis)


¨ Step #1 only, at this time.  You may charge me for each subsequent step as they are provided, unless I cancel.





¨ All Steps, #1-#5                    Save $1,500 — 30%



  one-time charge.

Business Valuation & ValueBuilder™ SWOT Analysis only (included with BizFSBO™)

                Regularly $999.00 each, $1,499.00 for both                                                  ¨SPECIAL OFFER for limited time, both for only $499.00

Provider is hereby authorized to charge the fee(s) indicated above, as they become due, to my credit card.


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