Full-Service Business Brokerage.

For businesses with gross revenues over $300,000, adjusted net income of over $150,000, and/or 4 or more employees, you are probably best aided by our full-service brokerage program.

Our full-service brokerage professionals successfully connect buyers and sellers of existing businesses, evaluating, promoting, advertising, selling, negotiating, and coordinating lucrative business ownership transfers. We work in close collaboration with financial planners, CPAs, attorneys, and bankers to negotiate and structure the most beneficial economic terms for our sellers. We ascribe to the policy that “it’s not about how much you get, but rather about how much you keep.”

We have a plan for you whether you are in California or anywhere else in the United States.

For potential business sellers, our initial consultations and business market evaluations are free and without obligation.

In the Bay Area, we will meet with business owners at or near their place of business at a time convenient to them.

Nationwide, we will meet by phone or online, with in-person consultations on an as needed basis.

We provide our sellers with expert analysis and recasting of their financials; professional advertising copy; a detailed prospectus; comprehensive and diverse listing of their business on many Internet sites with international reach; and market comparison valuations.

We identify, interview, and qualify prospective buyers; arrange financing; assist with due diligence; and coordinate the activities of the escrow agent, attorneys, accountants, and other involved professionals for a successful closing and business transition.

In California and certain other states, we will act as a commission-based full-service broker; in other states as a fee-for-service advisor; and, in others as a consultant in partnership with a local broker.

Our Step–By–Step Process….

  1. Comprehensive Business Analysis. The first step of our sales strategy is to analyze your operations, finances, personnel, assets (tangible & intangible), infrastructure, market presence & market conditions, industry trends, projected growth, sales potential, and the sale of similar businesses within your industry.
  2. Sound Reality-Based Valuation. We utilize the internationally-acclaimed ValueBuilder™ System, BizEquity™ financial algorithms, and various other proprietary methods and resources to determine a reasonable range of potential market value. The price should be neither too high nor too low, but it must constitute an attractive investment for a prospective buyer.


  1. Presentation & Structure. From the results of our in-depth analysis, we produce a business profile or prospectus that presents your business in the most attractive and persuasive way possible. We present the most favorable value proposition and suggest the best structure for a sale/purchase to maximize the ROI for you, the business seller.


  1. Promotion & Advertising. With scrupulous confidentiality, we present your company to other business brokers and to prospective buyers — worldwide.  We advertise your business on myriad databases, Internet sites, and publications which are constantly monitored and updated. Where appropriate, we proactively seek out potential strategic buyers who might not otherwise see our advertising.  We expend all this time and money at no cost to you; we are compensated on a commission basis from the proceeds of the sale.


  1. Information Control. We compile and organize all requisite documentation, and we release that information to potential purchasers only when and as appropriate.  In our advertising, we use limited details to maintain confidentiality.  Prior to releasing identifying information, buyers are required to execute a comprehensive non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement (“NDA”).


  1. Competitive Environment. We expose your listing to thousands of prospective buyers, creating real and perceived competition for your business. Then, after receiving the signed NDA, we arrange for these buyers to meet with you, the business owner, by phone and/or in person. As your broker, we maintain an atmosphere and environment of competition, and we act as “buffer” between you and prospective buyers to heighten the sense of urgency and immediacy. We can continue to track and pursue these buyers without compromising your bargaining position.


  1. Strategic Negotiation to Achieve the Optimal Deal. Based on your strategic priorities, with experienced skill and competence, we negotiate with buyers for the combination of price, terms, and timing that best meets your objectives.


  1. Total Support Through Due Diligence and Closing. When the right buyer signs a contract with you, only half the job is done.  The “rest of the story” is getting the buyer to successfully close the deal. We help obtain financing where necessary. We coordinate the due diligence process.  And, we work closely with accountants, attorneys, bankers, lenders, landlords, and the escrow agent to tie up all the loose ends and assure that all the minute details are handled properly.


  1. Enjoy the Well-Earned Return on Your Investment. With professional representation, consultation, and support, you can successfully convert your business into the independence, security, and freedom you deserve for all your investment of time, talent, and treasure.


About our broker …. With more than four decades as an entrepreneurial manager, our broker, Tim Cunha, has developed, owned, managed, and sold businesses in various fields, including computer hardware and software development and manufacturing, graphic art and engineering instrument manufacture, technical publishing, defense contracting, bio-tech/pharma, wholesale distribution, and retail.  Prof. Cunha has a BA from Rutgers and a JD from Georgetown, is licensed to practice law in New Jersey, and is a licensed California real estate broker (BRE #01919755), specializing in business sales.  Prior to EvergreenGold® Business Advisors, he taught undergraduate and MBA students on the faculty of the College of Business at Eastern New Mexico University, and currently serves as an intermittent senior lecturer in the MBA program of a prestigious California graduate school.  Learn More ….