How To Buy A Business


Buying a business is a simple process if you’re guided by a skilled advisor who has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to help you navigate through the minefields that await the typical business buyer.

That’s where an EvergreenGold Business Broker can help you. Our broker, Tim Cunha, J.D. (Cal BRE # 01919755) works with business buyers using a proven process for success.

Interested in buying one of the thousands of businesses for sale?

Unsure about how to start?

First, check out our listings of Businesses for Sale  

Call us at 650.600.3751 and set up an appointment for a professional consultation.


We have a Business Buyer Program to help you define your criteria for a business— types of businesses wanted, geographic areas, down payment & purchase price Parameters, etc. We’ll briefly review the financing options and, when appropriate, introduce you to lending resources. Then we’ll show you how to coordinate your search on the various listing sites to be the most efficient and effective.


We can also work as your Professional “Buyer’s Broker”; but, we only take on a select few buyer clients at a time. And, those buyers are typically searching for a business or businesses with an aggregate worth of $1,000,000 or more.

You share with us pertinent information about your background, experience, expertise, logistical and financial resources, current business operations, goals, and aspirations. We help you determine the optimal industries, geographic area(s), and business size for an effective coordinated continuing search.

As you and we find businesses that meet your criteria, we obtain the detailed information from the selling broker.

Then we review the various opportunities with you, compare and contrast the pros and cons, and pursue your interest with the ones you select.


What does it cost you?

In California and in states outside California where a broker’s license is not required, we act as the “procuring cause” of your contact with the selling broker, we act as your fiduciary–your agent, but we are paid by the selling broker splitting his commission with us.  This is called “co-brokering” and it provides you, the buyer, the advantage of an agent representing your interests and working for your benefit; but paid for by the seller.

In states outside California where a license is required, we will work as a consultant to you and retain a licensed in-state broker to be the “broker-of-record.” We may receive a referral fee from such a broker that will wholly or partly compensate us for our services.

In either case, we only work with a select few buyers at a time in order to provide you the time and attention appropriate to a comprehensive, professional search of such magnitude—businesses valued at $1,000,000 or more.

Therefore, we do request a set-up fee to prepare your buyer profile and establish your search criteria, and a modest monthly retainer to cover our search and consultation services. The fee formula for what we earn when we  successfully complete a business acquisition for you is clearly set forth in advance, and any remuneration we receive from the seller or from you, the buyer, in excess of that fee schedule will be credited to you at the closing.

But it costs nothing for a complimentary half-hour introductory consultation.


It’s so easy to start — call 650.701.5836 and ask for a “buyer broker consultation”.