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The foundation of a business transition strategy is a Comprehensive Business Analysis and a Sound Reality-Based Valuation.

Value Builder our free gift to you.  To begin the process, we invite you to take the 13-minute Value Builder™ Survey and get your unique Value Builder™ score and comprehensive Value Builder Analysis.

This 26- to 30-page report typically costs $500 from a Certified Value Builder; however, our CVB, Tim Cunha, offers all visitors to EvergreenGold® the opportunity to take the survey and receive the analysis free, with no obligation, as our gift to you for your interest.

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Our Methodology.  We utilize the internationally-acclaimed ValueBuilder™ System, BizEquity™ financial algorithms, and various other proprietary methods and resources to determine a reasonable range of potential market value. The price should be neither too high nor too low, but it must constitute an attractive investment for a prospective buyer.